"For the Fishermen, By the Fishermen."


DELA was formed by a small group of lobstermen in the Jonesport, Maine Area.  Since it's humble beginning, this association has become known state and nationwide.  Our membership includes lobstermen from Kittery to Eastport.  We also have members in the Atlantic States, such as New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  All of these lobstermen share the same interest and concerns about their fishery.  We also have Business Associate and Avid Supporter memberships from as far as the West Coast, such as Washington, state.


Downeast Lobstermen’s Association (DELA)  represents Maine fishermen and their families to sustain traditional lobstering as it has been upheld for generations.  DELA is a qualified exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



23rd Annual Meeting of the Downeast Lobstermen's Association

Thursday, September 4th @ 6:00 p.m.

Fishermen's Friend Restaurant

Stonington, Maine

Guest:  Commissioner Patrick Keliher - with an update and question & answers

All are welcome - great time to sign-up for membership!

Please ask about our DELA Scholarship Fund

Contact Executive Director, Sheila Dassatt for further information


Current Pricing, Aug. 27, 2014;

New shell: $3.24

Hard shell: $6.00

Price varies depending on bonus agreements.

July 9, 2014                           For Immediate Release

Contact:  Laura Ludwig, 207-263-5300

New York City Artist Seeks Used Rope

 Orly Genger, the New York City artist who created the massive sculpture “Red, Yellow, & Blue” in 2013 from 100,000 pounds of used groundline rope, seeks to purchase more used rope from fishermen in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island for another sculpture.  2.3 million feet of rope are needed for her largest sculpture yet.

 Rope buybacks will be organized by Laura Ludwig, formerly with Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation and now at the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  The rope collections will be held at multiple locations, the first of which will be in Hancock, Maine, on July 11th.  Additional dates and locations will be added as fishermen from other areas register.

 Each contributing fisherman will be paid fifty cents per pound ($.50/lb) for old groundlines or endlines.  Rope must be 7/16”, 1/2” or 9/16” diameter and can be sink rope, polysteel (Manline) or neutrally buoyant “whale” rope. 

 Lobstermen and other fishermen who use fixed gear with groundlines (e.g. shrimp trap, gillnet, crab, sea bass, or hagfish fisheries) are encouraged to pre-register.  Approximately 200,000 lbs of rope will be collected over the next fifteen months.

 For more information on the artist, see the Facebook page of Orly Genger.  For more information on the rope collections or to register, contact Laura Ludwig at 207-263-5300 or LLDOWNEAST@GMAIL.COM. 

 Rockland ME collection 2012          Weaving the rope in studio  2013    Installing the sculpture in Lincoln MA

Penobscot East Presents: "Preventing Shrinkage!" featuring Skip and Thomas Werner of Portland, ME.

Shrinkage is a big issue for lobstermen in Maine. Shrinkage occurs when lobsters die in the market chain due to rough handling or poor water and oxygen circulation.  This dead-loss is usually reflected back down the market chain to affect prices paid to fishermen at the dock.  This video is funny, but the message is serious: Better product handling could mean higher prices paid to fishermen. 

13 Atlantic Avenue

Stonington, Maine 04681