September 2017-

From the Director -

     Here we are, almost into October!  Where did the summer go?  D.E.L.A. has already
Had our Annual Meeting on the 14th of September at the Primavera Restaurant in Ellsworth (formerly Jasper’s).  The food was very good and the meeting went very well.
“A good time was had by all.”  We would like to especially thank Sarah Cotnoir of the DMR and Sgt. Troy Dow for speaking at our meeting.  They answered questions that we had concerning the updated laws and updated us as well. 
     In case you are wondering if it is official information, yes, the catch is down a little this year, the price of bait is up and the price is down also.  It does compare with 2015 if you take a look back at the statistics.  This just seems to be one of those years that is a little more traditional than the past year or two. 
     We would also like to thank our Associate members that donated to our hat drawing.
They are:  Plante Lobster Vents, Hamilton Marine, Friendship Trap, Brooks Trap, Billings Diesel & Marine, Island Fishing Gear/NAPA, Hanover Insurance, Nautilus Marine, New England Marine & Industrial.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our Associate members to advertise their products and we are the spokesmen that can promote them.  Thank you again, without your contribution, it would not be possible!
     As far as bait is concerned for this season, they are landing herring again.  The price is a little high, but they are trying to make them available to last through September 30.
This herring is made available through the seiners landing the herring.  They are keeping an eye on the mid water trawlers.  We do not want them to get “scooped up” all at once by the mid water trawlers.  Don’t forget, there are other forms of bait such as pogies, red fish and a handful of supplement baits such as Bruneaux Bait which can extend the use of the herring and haul time.  It will last longer in the traps.
     At this point in time, we have been contacted by three different power sources that would like to provide power to the Atlantic States, such as Boston, and the South Shore of Massachusetts.  They are the Greenline Project, Emera, and Maine Power Express.
The electrical power grid in Massachusetts is overloaded.  There’s a lot of conservationists in Massachusetts that do not want ocean wind mills, or hydro dams but at the same time, they want to increase their power intake.  Their only options left would be to purchase power from companies such as these, which are windmills, hydro and such.  These companies are getting their electrical power supply out of Canada, shifting the burden of the cable onto the people of Maine and the Maine fisheries.  Please pay close attention to this, as they are all staying in touch with the industry associations.  We will keep you informed as these proposals progress.
     At our last meeting, we had representatives from the Maine Drug and Alcohol agencies.  Deb Burwell explained the drug and alcohol issue and asked how we feel about the subject.  This opens up another avenue that the DMR and the Marine Patrol have been working on.  Stay tuned, as this is a subject that is close to most people in one way or another.  We want everyone to be safe on the water, much the same as safety on the highways.  How do you feel about random drug testing?  If you are reading this letter, we would much appreciate your opinion and input on this question.  My e-mail is and my direct phone is 207 322-1924.  We also have a Facebook site:  Downeast Lobstermen’s Association.  Please let us know how you feel, as your voice is very important to us.  Remember, we represent you and the Maine Lobster Industry.  Every voice makes a difference!
     The Industry meetings are all underway.  September is the beginning of school, but it is also the beginning of our meetings.  The Fishermen’s Forum is well underway, planning for the next Forum, in March of 2018.  The Lobster Institute is getting ready for their next meeting on October 3rd.  Our next DELA meeting is set for Thursday, November 9th at Primavera Restaurant in Ellsworth.  Come along and bring a friend.
     If you have a meeting in your area that you would like to have publicized, let us know.
We are happy to post them on our Facebook and website.  Stonington has a meeting at the Opera House on September 24th at 3:00 p.m. concerning health care.  This is one example of a local meeting.  The next Lobster Advisory Council meeting is also coming up.  The date and time is to be announced.  We will keep you informed on this meeting also. 
     Until then, please stay safe and stay in touch,